Barberitos, a leading name in the world of fresh, Southwest-inspired cuisine, announced the new Chef Curated Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Quesadilla by Barberitos’ VP of Culinary, Cole Thompson. Available for a limited time until January 2024, guests can indulge in these bold flavors.

The Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Quesadilla combines seasoned grilled chicken, crispy bacon, chipotle ranch dressing, and a generous helping of melty cheese, all wrapped in a soft, savory flour tortilla. Barberitos’ commitment to providing flavorful, made-to-order meals that keep guests coming back is evident in this culinary creation.

For those seeking an extra kick, Barberitos is also introducing its spicy Ghost Pepper Salsa. Expertly crafted to deliver a burst of fiery flavor, this seasonal sensation features a blend of their, already loved, made-from-scratch Heavy D Salsa and Tomatillo Salsa along with Ghost Peppers, diced Jalapeños, and Roasted Garlic. Spice enthusiasts can warm up this winter with this salsa that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Pushing the boundaries of creativity in the kitchen, we aim to provide our valued guests with a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience,” says John Geyerman, Chief Brand Officer at Barberitos. “The Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Quesadilla is a flavorful creation that combines quality ingredients with our passion for creating memorable flavors, and our Ghost Pepper Salsa adds an extra level of excitement to our menu.”

Both the Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Quesadilla and Ghost Pepper Salsa are available for a limited time.

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