Barfresh Food Group Inc. (“Barfresh Food Group”, “Barfresh”, or the “Company”), a manufacturer and distributor of unique ready to blend beverages, announces it has entered into a development agreement with one of the nation’s premier quick‐service restaurant (“QSR”) chains.

The agreement consists of a development arrangement, whereby Barfresh will provide up to 3,000 of the restaurant chain’s franchise locations with a custom range of uniquely blended smoothies utilizing Barfresh’s patent pending proprietary pre-portioned packaging system of ready to blend ingredient packs.
Also included are the development of custom flavors and ingredients specific to the Chain’s customer demographic and an initial test of two markets on the West Coast, with the anticipation of a full nationwide rollout shortly thereafter. Upon product test approval and nationwide adoption, the agreement provides Barfresh with the opportunity to have additional distribution through one of the country’s leading food service distributors.
As part of the comprehensive development process, the customized flavors will be exclusive to the customer and will require approval per the customer’s specifications prior to being made available for retail sale.
Barfresh CEO, Riccardo Delle Coste says, “These large QSR chains are right in the sweet spot for our business model and operations. We know and understand what it takes to provide large QSRs with unique ready to blend beverage options their customers can’t find anywhere else.
"Since our customer views the introduction of this new smoothie line as a competitive advantage for them, we are contractually unable to mention their name and are required to maintain their anonymity throughout the process. With so many QSRs rushing to adopt healthier beverage lines for their consumers in an effort to capitalize on this rapidly growing trend, we believe we are providing them with a strong competitive edge in the marketplace. We’re developing great tasting beverages, while working closely with their product development groups to deliver a smoothie line that will be well received by their customers. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.”
Mr. Delle Coste adds, “This is our third significant development agreement in the past forty five days. Large QSRs are starting to discover our unique value proposition and strategic positioning through our ability to deliver healthy and great tasting blended smoothie products, as well as the cost effective nature of our proprietary packaging system, and our ability to customize flavors and ingredients specifically for their brand.”
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