Two new half-day latte art and sensory skills training workshops will be held during this year’s United States Barista Championship in Portland at the American Barista & Coffee School on March 5.

The Latte Art Workshop led by American Barista & Coffee School Director of Training Matt Milletto will teach students fundamental principles and advanced techniques necessary to pour consistently great latte art. This 3-hour intensive program will cover a wide range of pour types from the basic rosetta design to multi-art pours.

The Sensory Skills Workshop led by Andrew Hetzel, licensed Q-Grader and Director of Hawaii-based consultancy, Cafemakers, is a 3-hour course open to food and beverage professionals of all skill levels wishing to participate in exercises that improve taste and aroma identification proficiency.

Workshop attendees will practice the SCAA sensory skills exam with guidance and training, as well as perform olfactory and coffee cupping triangulation exercises comparable to those required for Q-Grader licensing or barista competition judging certification.

The fee to attend each class is $150 or $250 for both workshops.