Betco Corporation, in conjunction with the release of the ISSA and Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) Clean Standard, is pleased to announce the launch of Betco CleanDegrees Education Program. The goal of this program is to encompass all aspects of the ISSA/CIRI standard and provide schools with a useful tool that helps them objectively measure and monitor the level of cleanliness within their facilities, while improving the quality of indoor environments for their students and staff.


Kurt Bischoff, vice president of research and development says, "The Betco CleanDegrees Education Program helps K-12 facilities understand and incorporate the "Science Behind Clean" and identify the key "touch points" within their facilities, while staying compliant with the newly established K-12 Standard".


Schools that adopt the Betco CleanDegrees Education Program will achieve a reduction in germs and bacteria on key touch point areas such as desktops, water fountains, lockers, and restroom sinks by utilizing Betco's ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) meter system, reducing absenteeism, and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for students and faculty.