Big Train announced the introduction of its new Dragonfly line of exotic blended beverage mixes. “This line was inspired by exotic beverages from around the world,” says Desiree Farden, Director of Marketing for Big Train. “They taste like vacation in a cup, just one sip will transport you to a tropical destination!”

Available in six, unique Asian-inspired flavors including:

Coconut: Creamy, exotic coconut blended in a cool drink.

Mango: Creamy, tropical mango blended in a cool drink.

Honeydew: Sweet, creamy honeydew blended in a cool drink.

Taro: Creamy, nutty taro blended in a cool drink.
Thai Tea: Sweet cream & black tea blended in a cool drink.

Green Tea: Creamy green tea blended in a cool drink.

“We premiered our new Dragonfly line at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Show this past weekend in Minneapolis to rave reviews,” says Robyn Hawkins, the CEO of Big Train. “These exotic flavors are really different than what’s currently available in the market and people just loved them. Dragonfly™ reflects the growing trend in the food and beverages towards global tastes and bolder flavors. People are getting more adventurous and looking to try new tastes. Also, these cool, refreshing drinks are a great way to capitalize on the summer selling season,” she adds.

Big Train’s Dragonfly beverage launch will be supported by integrated marketing program that includes national print advertising, point-of-purchase materials, direct mail campaigns, an interactive website at, product samples and tradeshow exhibits.