Manitowoc Foodservice is developing a new carbon dioxide (CO2) based beverage system with the Multiplex brand.

CO2-based Multiplex beverage systems will offer beverage dispensing and energy savings performance comparable to existing units with the added benefit of using no HFC-based (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants. By replacing HFC-based refrigerants with naturally occurring carbon dioxide, the units reduce the environmental impact of the beverage systems by using a natural refrigerant that has zero direct global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential. It also eliminates the need for special handling and capture of ozone-depleting or global-warming refrigerants.

The first Multiplex units featuring the new technology successfully performed at beverage dispensing without downtime or special maintenance. Three test units were used by McDonald’s in two of its Olympic venue facilities in Beijing, China. Working closely with McDonald’s, Manitowoc accelerated

development and manufacturing of the CO2-based beverage dispensing equipment to support
McDonald’s green initiatives for use in Beijing. Additional Multiplex CO2 units will be provided to McDonald’s for further tests in Europe.

The Multiplex units have been verified to meet and exceed EC standards for refrigeration and environmental performance, among the most advanced and detailed standards in existence globally. Manitowoc anticipates a broader release of the CO2 dispensing equipment to other global customers in the future.

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