WhenToManage, the leading innovator of cloud-based software solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, announced a new partnership with Michigan-based The Big Salad, a multiunit specialty salad restaurant and franchisor.

The Big Salad selected WhenToManage’s Web-based Inventory Management software because it offers broader capabilities than other providers, including an interface with food vendors, ability to fully integrate with the franchises’ HALO point-of-sale system, and enhanced data capabilities.

“Many of the inventory-management solutions in the marketplace do a good job at addressing one or two of our needs, but WhenToManage stood out for doing a great job at delivering all of our requirements, specifically integration with our vendors, integration with our POS system, and comprehensive data gathering and analysis,” says John Bornoty, CEO and founder of The Big Salad. 

“While I’ve noticed that many franchisors fall short when it comes to providing franchisees with operational support, at The Big Salad we feel it’s critical to provide owners with turnkey operational tools to insure they achieve the best possible margins,” he adds.   

WhenToManage’s Inventory Management solution is designed to make tedious management tasks simple and accurate. 

It includes customizable “soup to nuts” options, such as: POS integration with major systems’ providers; integrated vendor and product databases; purchasing and invoice management; tracking of usage, variance, waste, and store-to-store transfers; yield management of items used in batch recipes or butchering; ingredients profiles for each menu item and recipe; analysis of usage trends and ordering suggestions; and much more. 

WhenToManage’s Inventory Management solution works in tandem with its POS Intelligence and Employee Scheduling software for a complete operations package.  

Bornoty loves the people-side of his business and enjoys spending as much time as possible with customers. 

“As we deploy WhenToManage at the start of the new year, I anticipate having more time to spend in the front of the store because I’ll require less time in the back office,” Bornoty says. “I’m also excited about the opportunity to view operational data from all of our locations on one dashboard, enabling our team to identify and collaborate on issues and successes. This is vital as we prepare for national expansion.”

Franchises are a fast-growing segment for WhenToManage, as more and more owners look for advanced technology solutions for integrating operations across multiple locations, which, in many cases, use inconsistent POS systems. 

“It’s very cool to see how easily our software can be deployed by franchises once they decide to focus on integrating their operations,” says Walker Thompson, director of sales and marketing, WhenToManage.  

“Kudos to The Big Salad for having the foresight to get it right before their national roll-out,” he adds. “As a company that’s constantly working to advance technologies to simplify industry operations, we are very pleased to be working with The Big Salad, a company that’s striving to simplify operations for its franchises.” 

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