Biggby Coffee is celebrating National Hot Chocolate day on Thursday, January 31, by featuring their world-class hot chocolate. At all participating stores, baristas will be featuring the different varieties of their hot chocolate. Various locations will be handing out a variety of bounce back coupons—choice (Buy One Give one or $1 off), $1 off, or a free kid’s drink. These coupons will be valid until February 13.

Biggby Coffee hot chocolate comes in virtually endless flavor options. A Coco Carmella, which is Biggby Coffee’s best-selling non-coffee beverage, is a caramel hot chocolate. Other fan favorites are Mint Hot Chocolate, Dark Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate Hot Chocolate, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Virtually any one of Biggby Coffee’s Favorite Latte flavors can be turned into a hot chocolate simply by taking the espresso out. These fun flavors are better known as “Steamers.” Each hot chocolate comes garnished with whipped cream.

Biggby Coffee uses a method of stretching and rolling the milk that creates a velvety, thick, and creamy texture that pairs exceptionally well with chocolate. This process is unique to Biggby Coffee and can’t quite be replicated elsewhere, which is what makes Biggby Coffee’s hot chocolate stand above the rest.

Hot chocolate is also available in kid’s flavors and are a favorite among Biggby Coffee’s smallest fanatics. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, kid’s hot chocolate comes delivered at a safe temperature for them to drink, and, again, have endless combination possibilities. Many young ones like to try flavors like Strawberry Hot Chocolate and Mellow Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate with Biggby Coffee’s famous marshmallow sauce)!

These completely customizable non-caffeinated beverages are available hot, iced, frozen, or reduced calorie and are sure to make any Monday feel like a Friday. Be sure to stop in your locally owned and operated Biggby Coffee on January 31 and try a flavor that’s one of a kind, just like you.

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