The post-pandemic talent market for quick-service restaurants is shifting. Bite Ninja is helping restaurants hire drive-thru staff, but not in the typical manner. These “Ninjas” can work from anywhere in the country, often from the comfort of their living rooms.

Memphis entrepreneurs Will Clem and Orin Wilson have been testing the software and processes for this virtual working relationship at Will’s own restaurants. Now with all the kinks worked out, Bite Ninja is launching nationwide.

Bite Ninja offers restaurant owners a remote drive-thru ordering system through a network of highly skilled virtual professionals capable of serving restaurants anywhere in the country.

“Through our software, recruiting, and training, we can provide restaurants with a huge increase in upsells, near zero defect order-taking, and 100% staff reliability. Add in a new, safer working environment and you have the ingredients for a positive impact,” says Orin Wilson

“The customer experience has been amazing! We even have people get out of their cars to take selfies with the person on the screen taking their order. It has created a very unique culture at the restaurants,” says Will Clem

The Bite Ninja service allows customers to see the face of the person taking their order on a large, video screen, but the employee is working at a remote location with a virtual background to match the restaurant’s preference.

The Ninjas can even use filters to appear as something fun on the screen.

Clem and Wilson have been innovators from the beginning. Clem is a founder and partner in Memphis Meats, which develops lab-grown, engineered meats as well as being a founder of the Baby Jacks Franchise. Wilson has founded multiple businesses that focus on finance, data, and technology.

“With the negative impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry, we knew that disruptive innovation was going to play a role going forward. We needed to find solutions that saved restaurant owners money, allowed people to work in a safe environment, and made customer service a more reliable resource in the restaurant,” Wilson says.

The Ninjas sign up like you would for Uber or Lyft and Bite Ninja already has a pipeline of 3,000 ninjas getting ready to work for restaurants across the country.

“These are the best people you could possibly get. We have been amazed with how well the Ninjas perform after going through the Ninja training,” Clem says.

The Bite Ninja team provides a unique, positive experience for restaurant customers every time they visit the restaurant. Keep an eye out for Ninjas appearing at restaurants in your area soon.

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