Consumers across the country celebrated the forty-fifth birthday of the Whopper sandwich by purchasing millions of the sandwiches at the more than 8,200 Burger King restaurants in the U.S. Monday. Burger King Corporation reports it saw a 14 percent increase in Whopper sales over the same day last year.

From a Whopper mountain climbing event in New York City’s Grand Central Station, to a barbecue celebration at the company’s first Burger King restaurant in Miami, to new aprons and smiley faced uniforms on more than 270,000 U.S. employees, Burger King employees throughout the country helped to mark the icon’s forty-fifth year.

The day also marked the launch of a “new” Burger King brand focused on delivering its customer promise: “Burger King is flame-broiled burgers, fries, and soft drinks at a good value served quickly and consistently by friendly people in clean surroundings.”

“Our customers this week reminded us how much they love the Whopper,” said John H. Dasburg, chairman, CEO, and president of Burger King Corporation. “We have recommitted ourselves to making sure that every one of the millions of Whopper sandwiches we make every day exceed our customers’ expectations. Each and every Whopper is made with fresh red ripe tomatoes, fresh crisp lettuce, and old-fashioned dill pickles.”

The company and its franchisees are marking the anniversary with fourteen new products and a number of enhancements to Burger King restaurants, including a new cooking platform the company says will improve product consistency and new features to improve customers’ experience in the drive-thru.

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