Veteran-owned and operated Black Rifle Coffee Company opened its doors on Boerne’s historic, award-winning Hill Country Mile last fall and celebrated with a huge street party-style grand opening. The Boerne, Texas, community has been joined by BRCC fans from all over to share a high-quality cup of joe from their full-service coffee bar since the event.

BRCC has cultivated a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts all over the world since their roast-to-order launch out of Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014. Boerne is excited to play host to the first Texas brick and mortar site on the corner of E. San Antonio Avenue and Main Street across from Main Plaza in downtown Boerne. Many BRCC enthusiasts are also excited to see that this location is next door to Montechema Firearms—a popular, locally-owned and operated Boerne gun shop.

BRCC gives a portion of its profits to benefit veteran, law enforcement, fire and first responders causes. Additionally, uniformed law enforcement, military, and first responders get free batch brew coffee at this location, every day.

When it comes to coffee, BRCC imports their premium, high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia and personally roasts them “at home” in Nashville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. There is so much to boast about in their roasts! Try the “Just Black Blend” sourced from Arabica, or the “AK47 Espresso”—a Columbian and Brazilian blend.

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