Stockholders of Boston Chicken Inc., listed on the National Quotation Board under the symbol BOSTQ, Golden, Colorado, are being asked to consider volunteering their services for a committee appointed by the United States Trustee.

Bankruptcy law and procedures allow the United States Trustee to appoint various committees to represent debtors and equity holders during a bankruptcy case. The United States Trustee for the Boston Chicken case may consider appointing a group of stockholders to a committee of this type. The committee could promote the interests of the stockholders during the bankruptcy proceedings.

Stockholders who would like to volunteer their time to serve on a committee are encouraged to communicate their interest as soon as possible. A slate of candidates will be prepared and submitted to the United States Trustee the week of February 21st. Stockholders can learn more about how to volunteer their services at the web site

Stockholders that do not have access to the world wide web may contact the Boston Chicken independent stockholder group spokesperson directly at: Neal Nelson & Associates, 330 North Wabash, Chicago, Illinois 60611, Phone: 312-755-1000, Fax: 312-755-1010.

The independent stockholder group is not sponsored by, associated with or endorsed by Boston Chicken, Inc., any of its officers or affiliated companies.

Boston Chicken and Boston Market are trademarks of Boston Chicken, Inc. Golden, Colorado.

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