The rotisserie ovens haven't changed at Boston Market. Nobody brought in a greasy oil fryer last night. Yet today Boston Market restaurants across the country will begin serving a new lineup of crispy chicken meals, salad bowls, wraps, and sandwiches handcrafted for the hectic lunch crowd and to provide a delicious new option for dinner.

Boston Market Oven Crisp Chicken is a generous portion of boneless, all-white chicken breast, seasoned and hand breaded with panko crumbs and baked for a crisp, golden crust. It's a great new crunchy option to the rotisserie chicken Boston Market introduced to the fast casual restaurant category more than 30 years ago.

"We developed this recipe for our guests who love the crispiness of fried chicken but are trying to stay away from fried foods," says Boston Market CEO George Michel, also known as The Big Chicken. "We added crunch to our chicken without bringing a single oil fryer into our restaurants, and I'm really proud of that. The wholesome integrity of our menu remains firm."

The versatility of the tasty new protein gives Boston Market guests more options for a convenient, home-style meal than ever before. Offerings include:

  • Oven Crisp Chicken Individual Meal with two sides and cornbread
  • Oven Crisp Chicken Salad Bowl
  • Oven Crisp Chicken Carver Sandwich
  • Oven Crisp Chicken Wrap
  • The Individual Meal offer is priced at $7.99 nationwide.

The portion size and nutrition profile of Oven Crisp are remarkable. The 5-ounce breast delivers 33 grams of protein and equals the meatiness of two chicken sandwiches at some fast food restaurants. The Oven Crisp Chicken breast, prepared with the panko crust, has 230 calories, with only 60 calories from fat.

Oven Crisp Chicken gives moms the dinnertime flexibility to satisfy every family member's palate, and it means Boston Market now has another great option for lunch. The recipe created by Chef Rik Kiessling, the restaurant's director of culinary innovation, was inspired in part by the #sadlunch trend on social media, with deskbound workers posting photos of their unsatisfying lunches or complaining about missing lunch altogether.

"On Twitter alone last year, there were more than 170,000 laments about lunch," says Chef Rik. "Oven Crisp Chicken gives lunch-deniers the delicious protein and satisfying crunch that will leave them feeling crispy and not fried for the rest of the day."

That hunger for something delicious and different also makes Oven Crisp Chicken a popular addition to Boston Market's catering menu. The four menu items in the Oven Crisp lineup give meeting, wedding and reunion planners an even more tantalizing variety to select from.

The product launch will be supported by TV and online advertising, social media engagement, and FSIs.

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