Boston Market Corporation, famed for its rotisserie chicken, has announced the start of a culinary reset by enlisting the expertise of menu designers, Flapjack.

The decision to collaborate with Flapjack, a San Francisco-based menu design firm, signifies Boston Market’s commitment to revitalize its offerings, reinvigorate its brand, and reignite its connection with loyal patrons and new customers alike. Recognizing the need for a fresh perspective, the company sought out Flapjack’s expertise in eye-catching menu design and menu management software.

Flapjack, known for creating visually captivating and customer-engaging menus, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “I grew up eating at Boston Market, It has a special place in my heart. My brother once spilled an entire soda on the table when we were kids,” said Patrick McDonnell, Co-Founder of Flapjack. “They’ve got chicken. We’ve got design and analytics. It’s a great combination.”

The partnership between Boston Market Corporate and Flapjack is anticipated to be a catalyst for change, sparking a resurgence in the company’s position within the culinary landscape. The forthcoming menu redesign is poised to offer an elevated dining experience that honors Boston Market’s legacy while infusing a much-needed refresh.

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