Bruegger’s Bagels, known for freshly baked, authentic New York-style bagels, egg sandwiches, and signature coffees, has released the fourth and final vignette in its “Behind the Taste” video series that gives guests an inside look at the people and traditions behind the brand.

The new video features the bakery’s most popular condiment, sundried tomato spread, and its curators, brothers Chris and Roger Rohrer. In the vignette, the Rohrer brothers take viewers on a journey highlighting their use of simple ingredients and their personal commitment to the quality and integrity of each batch they make.

“Our ‘Behind the Taste’ series reinforces what’s important to Bruegger’s Bagels and what we promise our guests—simple, high quality ingredients,” says Bruegger’s Bagels vice president of marketing Judy Kadylak. “Through conversations with the artisans behind our signature items, guests can understand the truth behind the words ‘tradition you can taste.’”

Found on breakfast and lunch sandwiches, the spread is most known for its role on the popular Herby Turkey sandwich, made with roasted turkey, light herb garlic cream cheese, fresh lettuce, and red onions.

At the end of the video, viewers can get a coupon for $1-off the Herby Turkey sandwich, redeemable in their local bakery. 

Other vignettes in the “Behind the Taste” series feature a Bruegger’s Bagels 25-year veteran bagel expert demonstrating the traditional 100-year-old New York-style baking method and simple ingredients still used today; a tour with a dairyman who produces the company’s 100 percent made-in-Vermont cream cheese; and a salmon smoker committed to “emulating the past to preserve the future” through his 126-year-old processes.  


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