When was the last time someone asked for your number? Whether it was today, yesterday or yesteryear, Burger 21, an award-winning fast casual franchise with one of the most diverse menus in the country, wants your number each time you visit. Don’t worry, this isn’t a typical pick up line for your phone number, but guest’s burger numbers.

Following a recent announcement of the brand’s refreshed menu with new burger and shake options, Burger 21 is inviting guests to come explore their new menu, encouraging them to find their number.

While the menu doesn’t follow numerical order, this is by design. Taking an untraditional approach, each of the brand’s 21 unique burger options have been designated a specific number that reflects the flavor, tradition or fun of that menu item. Notice, number five is the “Cinco Burger.”

There is a method to the menu numbers. Guests who are a 1—10 most enjoy one of the brand’s Certified Angus Beef burgers while guests who are an 11—20 opt for a non-beef burger as their favorite. Those who identify as a 21 enjoy the chef-inspired flavors of the ever-changing current featured flavor of Burger 21.

“I’m a Tex Mex number 7, I love the explosion of different flavors the 7 offers,” says Arlene Johnston, co-founder and concept development director. “Each of our burger flavors are so uniquely different, we want to encourage guests to explore the flavors and identify with their favorite too. It’s never like scanning through a traditional menu when dining with us.”

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