Burger King Corporation reached an agreement on July 7 with Chick-Fil-A allowing Burger King to continue its Chicken Run movie tie-in advertising for the duration of its scheduled flight, which concludes this Sunday, July 9. The meal component, which runs through July 16 and features four toys that, when assembled together, form a great escape plane, is unaffected by the agreement.

Burger King’s Chicken Run promotion urges customers to “Eat More Beef.”
As part of the resolution, Burger King Corporation also agreed to instruct its restaurants to stop using in-store promotional material, beginning Monday, that features chickens encouraging consumers to eat more beef. However, the judge did state that Burger King® restaurants could continue to use the Chicken Run merchandising items until they receive substitute stock.

“We are elated that the judge did not provide any injunctive relief to Chick-Fil-A and is allowing us to continue our promotion,” said Richard Taylor, vice president of USA marketing for Burger King Corporation. “While this case is by no means over, hopefully this agreement will smooth over a few ruffled feathers. Be assured, however, that we will defend ourselves vigorously against these totally unwarranted trademark and copyright claims.”

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