Burger King Corporation now delivers CD-ROMs containing eGames software and a “Branded Browser” interface
in Burger King® Big Kids membership kits. This promotional program is being conducted by Alcone Marketing
Group on behalf of Burger King Corporation, a subsidiary of Diageo (NYSE: DEO).

The CD-ROMs have been sent via direct mail to new members of the
Burger King® Big Kids database as part of a “Welcome Aboard”
mailer. Presently, Burger King Corporation enrolls between 30,000
and 50,000 new members monthly between the ages of four and

Jerry Klein, President and CEO of eGames, says, “We are very
excited that our vision is now a reality. This distribution will bring
eGames products directly into the homes of families throughout the
U.S. while helping to drive traffic to the eGames online store and
Burger Kign® restaurants. As more and
more children familiarize themselves with our excellent game play
and high-quality sounds and graphics, we are confident that they will
become loyal game players and will seek out the eGames brand
when making future purchasing decisions. Parents and children alike will appreciate the cost-effective, Family
Friendly(TM) and entertaining content of our games.

“We anticipate that the successful implementation of this program will be just the first step in our strategy to combine
eGames’ proprietary branded browser technology and our quality gaming content to bring a compelling, new product
offering to corporate America. This is the first relationship of its kind for eGames, and we are very excited about the
significant opportunity this represents,” continued Mr. Klein.

The CD’s being provided to Burger King® Big Kids members are being specially designed for Burger King
Corporation and will feature two separate game collections — one for kids under the age of eight and one for Big Kids
ages eight and above.

“eGames offers us an excellent opportunity to provide a value-added product to our growing family of Big Kids
members and the branded ‘browser’ will help us cross market the Burger King® brand. eGames Family Friendly
games are ideal for our four to twelve year-old demographic,” said Brian Gies, director of youth and family marketing
for Burger King Corporation.

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