In a move to further boost Value Meal sales, Burger King
Corporation will launch new Three-Tiered Value Meals catering to consumers’ need for choices. Value Meals are
significantly important menu offerings as they represent approximately 40% of Main Menu purchases and 51% of
Burger King® company restaurant sales. The implementation of the Three-Tiered Value Meals is the first time
Burger King Corporation has altered its Value Meal sizing options since introducing the Value Meal concept in 1994.
The nationwide rollout of the new Value Meal sizes is expected to be completed by early May.

“Bundled meals offer the greatest cost savings to consumers while also offering a greater profit margin for
restaurants,” said Dana Frydman, senior director, product marketing for Burger King Corporation. “Historically, fries
and beverages have a greater penny profit margin than sandwich entrees,” she said.

The implementation of Three-Tiered Value Meals provides Burger King® restaurants with the flexibility to offer
value-based promotions such as “Make It A Meal for 99c” which begins on April 23rd, nationwide. During the
four-week promotion, customers who purchase any sandwich from the WHOPPER® line including, the Whopper®
sandwich, Double Whopper® sandwich or Whopper Jr.® sandwich at participating Burger King® restaurants
in the U.S., can “Make It A Meal” with medium fries or onion rings and a medium soft drink for only 99c — a 50c
savings from recommended Whopper® Value Meal pricing.

With the “Make It A Meal” promotion, Burger King® customers have the option of trading-up to the Large Value
Meal which features a New large fry and large soft drink for 40c more or the King Value Meal which includes a NEW
“bigger” King size fry plus a NEW King size soft drink for 80c more.

Research shows that consumers rate Value Meals as the second most important reason — behind restaurant location—for selecting a quick- service restaurant and consumers who purchase value meals generally seize the opportunity
to upsize. In consumer research conducted during market tests of Three-Tiered Value Meals, the “Size It Your Way”
message was embraced by consumers as it empowered them to make their own sizing decisions and was consistent
with the Have it Your Way® message.

The Three-Tiered Value Meal portion sizes for Value Meal fries/onion rings and sodas are:

• Medium: a 4.1-ounce serving of fries or a 16 onion ring serving and a 22-ounce drink.

• Large: a 5.6-ounce serving of fries or a 24 onion ring serving and a 32-ounce drink.

• King: a 6.8-ounce serving of fries or a 28 onion ring serving and a 42-ounce drink.

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