Sure, the iPhone can track your FedEx packages, make bids on eBay, and test how moronic you are. The Moron Test is even the No. 1 downloaded app as of today. But Gomobo is taking the technology to a new level by rolling out the BK app.

That’s right. As of last week your iPhone can even order a Burger King Whopper—with fries and a drink.

“With normal online ordering you go into the site, you log on, you put in your address, and it shows restaurants near you,” says Gomobo CEO Noah Glass. “One of the cool things the iPhone does is that it remembers who you are. So if you’ve logged-in in the past, it stores that user name and password.”

And thanks to the phone’s GPS function, the iPhone app also allows users to skip the step of entering in an address. Instead it automatically logs users in and shows them what restaurants are nearby.

The new app even acts like a loyalty card offering incentives and tracking order history.

Glass says the company usually aims to get 100 online order participants per store but that because not all customers have iPhones he’s aiming for 10-20 participants with the new technology.

Gomobo doesn’t expect to stop with Burger King, either. Glass envisions other brands using the technology platform to customize their own iPhone app through Gomobo.

“Now any restaurant that wants to launch its own branded iPhone ordering application can do that with us in about two week’s time,” Glass says. “We built the platform and can reskin it for different brands.”

According to Glass, the company is constantly looking for new ways to remove the stationary aspect of traditional POS—Gomobo launched its text ordering function in 2006—and is still testing more technologies in its labs for the future.

–Blair Chancey

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