Burger King Corporation today announced the debut of its new national broadcast
advertising campaign. Entitled The Whopper Says:(TM), this new campaign marks the first effort of new
advertising agency McCann-Erickson, targeting burger lovers.

The introductory campaign, which will air nationally on network and cable television, consists of two :30 spots. The
new campaign is designed to give the WHOPPER® sandwich a personality that is entertaining, fun and confident.
Through these spots, the WHOPPER® sandwich offers its unique “wisdom” on life and what it means to a true fan
of flame-broiling.

The ads also employ a new logo element and tagline. At the conclusion of each spot, a flaming crown emphasizes
the flame-broiling. This creative approach is further
reinforced by a new tagline, “In The Land Of Burgers, Whopper® Is King.”

“Focusing on the Whopper® will have a positive effect for the entire
Burger King® system,” says Eric Keshin, general manager and
COO of McCann-Erickson New York.

The ads feature different scenarios that depict the desirability of the WHOPPER® sandwich among key
demographic targets. One spot, entitled “Community Property,” depicts three twenty-somethings enjoying take-out
Whopper® sandwiches at home. When one of the men gets up to retrieve more napkins, his two buddies pounce
on his unguarded meal. Upon his return, he notices the remains of his burger and decries “That’s so wrong,” to
which an all-knowing voice over replies: The Whopper Says:(TM) “Any food left unattended is community
property.” The new tagline closes out the spot.

A second spot, “Anniversary,” showcases a young man who has just received a lovely gift from his significant other.
His co-workers comment on how loved he must be and how wonderful the gift smells, leading the audience to
believe he received flowers, when in fact he received another surprise.

The voice of the Whopper® may sound familiar, as it belongs to actor Patrick Warburton, better known for his role
as David Puddy, Elaine’s sometimes-boyfriend on the hit TV sitcom “Seinfeld.”

McCann-Erickson was awarded Burger King Corporation’s adult general advertising account for its U.S. business in
January of this year. Burger King Corporation also retains the services of the UniWorld Group and Bromley
Communications for its African-American and Hispanic advertising, respectively. UniWorld has been the agency of
record for 17 years, while Bromley has been the agency of record for 11 years.

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