Burger King restaurants are introducing a new, freshly-brewed BK Joe coffee blend nationwide with a 99 cents any size coffee deal for a limited time. The new BK Joe coffee blend has a bright taste and aroma with a new brewing method that results in hot, fresh coffee that hits the spot throughout the day. BK Joe Iced Coffee is also available as part of the 99 cents deal.

Now, even a large great tasting cup of coffee costs less than $1 with this limited time offer. Best paired with a CROISSAN’WICH sandwich or an afternoon coffee break, BK Joe is the perfect way to boost a breakfast ritual or energize any other part of the day.

“This is the start of a renewed focus on coffee for us,” says Alex Macedo, president, North America, for the Burger King brand. “We invested a lot of time developing a new blend and refining the brewing procedures in our restaurants to help us serve a hot and freshly-brewed cup of coffee every time, for every guest.”

BK Joe is served hot in small, medium and large sizes and can be ordered with half & half and/or a variety of sweeteners. BK Joe Iced Coffee is blended with cream and lightly sweetened or flavored with vanilla or mocha in a 16oz serving. The 99 cents any size coffee promotion will be available at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

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