Burgerville, a Pacific Northwest concept that serves burgers, fries, and shakes made with ingredients from local farmers, ranchers and producers, is celebrating their 60th birthday in March. The secret to its success? Digital transformation.

Burgerville had the foresight to invest early in a solid suite of technology for off-premises orders. As an early adopter of third-party delivery, curbside pickup, and completely digital ordering, Burgerville has focused on creating a five-star digital consumer experience. After trial and error with a manual curbside solution, Burgerville partnered with FlyBuy Pickup to create a smooth experience for all off-premise orders.

Here’s how FlyBuy Pickup works:

  1. The customer places an order for pickup online at burgerville.com or through the BV app, available at the App Store or from Google Play.
  2. The customer receives a text from Burgerville initiating the FlyBuy app download.
  3. When the customer leaves for Burgerville, they tap, “I’m on my way.”
  4. Staff is alerted that the customer is on the way and an accurate arrival time is displayed on the FlyBuy Dashboard.
  5. Staff receives location updates including arrival at the restaurant and when the customer or delivery driver has parked in the curbside zone.
  6. The staff meets the customer or delivery driver at their car immediately upon arrival!


“FlyBuy has changed our whole business,” says Stacey Chapman, Director of Marketing at Burgerville. “Our volume in drive-thru and curbside had become so high that our crew had a hard time keeping up. FlyBuy makes it simple for our staff, enabling them to do what they do best: serve our delicious food to the customer right when they arrive, with no wait.”

After launching FlyBuy, customer wait times are significantly lower, and Burgerville’s loyalty program is thriving. Customers speak very highly of their experience, leaving 5/5 star reviews with overwhelming comments. 

“You don’t have to be a 3,000-store chain to have state-of-the-art technology to provide your guests a great experience,” says Jeff Baskin, FlyBuy’s Chief Sales Officer. “As they shifted to an entirely digital ordering model, it was imperative that they added technology to their existing curbside solution to completely eliminate friction for both the staff and the customer. FlyBuy makes it simple and eliminates all guesswork inside the store and at the curb. Burgerville has a great team and implemented FlyBuy’s technology seamlessly and extremely fast.”

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