California Tortilla, a unique fast casual restaurant franchise that serves “California style” Mexican food and is known by fans as Cal Tort, is looking for someone who can take the heat and has great taste for flavor to serve as its newly developed Saucemelier (pronounced Sauce-muhl-yay). The short-term consulting gig is open to all flavor fanatics, sauce connoisseurs, and people that just generally like to live life saucy.

“We proudly feature 75 distinctive hot sauces on our Wall of Flame, and also provide 14 sauces that can be added to any Cal Tort order, so we know how to bring out the flavor in each dish,” says Robert Phillips, President of California Tortilla. “Now, we’re looking for someone to put their palate to the test and match our sauces with our unique and bold menu flavors. It’s definitely a crave-inducing job, so if you can’t stand bland, then we invite you to apply.”

The temporary consulting position will span the course of a week. The Saucemelier will be tasked with sampling the various sauces available at California Tortilla and making suggested pairings with existing menu items, along with proposing sauce flights. Think of a sommelier, but with all the sauces.

The Saucemelier will be compensated with $2,500. Interested applicants should apply by emailing a resume and video of why they would be the best fit to with subject line – SAUCEMELIER. The deadline for applying is December 15th, 2021.

In addition to the Saucemelier search, California Tortilla is bringing back its limited time only Screamin’ Green bowl and burrito. The bowl or burrito includes rice, black beans, blacked chicken, jack cheese, onion-cilantro relish, fresh avocado, spinach and of course Screamin’ green sauce!

Add the Screamin’ Green or any of your favorite sauces from the Wall of Flame to your meal – all year long! Whether it comes in the form of a burrito, Chef’s Bowl, street tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, or whatever you crave at California Tortilla.

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