Taking advantage of
Americans’ increasing taste for hot, spicy foods, Carl’s Jr. is introducing
the new Jalapeno Burger.

burger is also the chain’s first to be introduced in three sizes: as a classic
Six Dollar Burger(TM) featuring almost a half-pound of 100 percent Angus beef,
or as smaller single or double versions.

“Not that long ago the idea of making a burger with jalapenos on it would
have been rejected because of its limited appeal,” said Brad Haley, Carl’s Jr.
executive vice president of marketing. “But things have changed dramatically
in a fairly short time. Salsa is America’s favorite condiment, surpassing
ketchup several years ago now, and Carl’s Jr. has found success in recent
years with a variety of spicy burgers, chicken sandwiches and breakfast
burritos, so the time seemed right.”

The chain also realized there was specific interest in a jalapeno burger
in part because restaurant employees observed customers topping their burgers
with jalapenos from the restaurants’ salsa bars, creating their own makeshift
versions of a burger with bite.

“But it isn’t just about the heat,” added Haley. “Any burger also has to
taste great to make it on our menu and this one is awesome. In addition to a
generous helping of pickled jalapenos, the burgers are made with pepperjack
cheese and our famous, creamy-yet-zesty Santa Fe sauce.”

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