Star Chasers Oklahoma Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma, is a multiunit Carl’s Jr. franchisee with 38 restaurants in Oklahoma and Texas. Since April of 2009, it has used MIRUS Restaurant Solutions to consolidate and track POS transactions from its locations spread out over 65,000 square miles of Oklahoma and Texas.

For 2012, Star Chasers President Steve Anthony and his management team felt that they could increase sales if they improved drive-thru times. To reach this goal, they needed to extract timing data from their legacy drive-thru timer systems, to spot opportunities and problems. They turned to MIRUS for a solution.

“MIRUS’ Enterprise Solutions has allowed us to do something we never thought possible: tap into our legacy drive-thru timers. Accessing this data and using Enterprise’s exception based reports and alerts helped make the data readily available to all levels of management, leading to reduced speed of service and a 9.89 percent increase in car count. These improvements have resulted in a 13.98 percent increase in drive-thru sales, representing over 62 percent of all transactions.”

Anthony points out that a major feature is “exception-based reporting.” With so much data, he needs a system that highlights the outliers, both good and bad. With Mirus, he doesn’t have to “hunt for exceptions,” and that speeds up decision-making and action.

In addition, MIRUS helped Star Chasers to attack a completely different problem: administrative payroll costs.

“MIRUS’ Enterprise Solutions has allowed us to automate and streamline our payroll process,” Anthony says. “Before Enterprise, it used to take a staff of two, two days to complete our payroll. Now the process is more accurate and we complete it in a few hours. As a result, we have been able to reduce our accounting/administrative staff by one full time person.This reduction represents an on-going annual savings.”

MIRUS CEO Dave Bennett is especially pleased with the outcome for Star Chasers. “Our clients usually start out by using our system to collect and analyze POS transactions. Star Chasers has successfully built on that base to collect the data from legacy drive thru timers, and to enhance their payroll process. Our account management and systems teams were excited and pleased to work with such an active client.”

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