CC’s Community Coffee House announced a new line of specialty whole leaf teas. CC’s Community Coffee House Specialty Tea Selections were created exclusively for CC’s.

This extensive line of nine hot and six iced teas is sold by the cup or packaged in tins to take home, and the teas are available in stores now.

“We’re extremely proud to introduce these new teas that were created with the same dedication to quality and flavor that CC’s Community Coffee House has always been known for,” says Celton Hayden Jr., general manager of Retail Operations for CC’s. “In addition to being delicious, these new teas were created with Southern tea drinkers in mind.”

CC’s coffeehouses are located throughout South Louisiana.

CC’s specialty whole leaf teas include black, green, and herbal varieties.In addition to the classic Earl Grey and Breakfast Blend hot teas, CC’s will offer Chamomile Roseberry, Herbal Nectar, Dragon Well, Spicy Zydeco Chai, Moroccan Mint, Choc-A-lot Tea, and Cinnamon Citrus Delite.

CC’s also has custom-created iced tea flavors, including Strawberry Rouge, Honey Peach Plantation, Magnolia Berry Crème, Citrus Jasmine Jazz, Acadiana Black N Berry, and Classic Black Tea.

New latte offerings from CC’s include Tea Lattes, which are also available sugar-free. Baristas will be holding Tea Time cuppings in the stores to introduce the new teas to customers.

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