With twenty-two franchise units already signed stretching from Florida to Washington, D.C., The Cereal Bowl has enhanced its store design to create a more enjoyable experience for its customers, as well as to take advantage of new green building techniques. The new Miracle Mile location, which is expected to open in July, will be the first of three new stores expected to open late this summer.

Since opening the door to their first café in Miami, the company has received over 3,000 franchise requests. “The Miracle Mile store will be an exciting new step for the company,” says Michael Glassman, chief operating officer. “Our flagship location has showed us in the last two years that we can succeed in a more urban area away from a college campus.”

In May 2008, The Cereal Bowl signed an agreement with California-based The Sugar Cane Paper Company to create and supply all current and future locations with sustainable packaging made from Bagasse, which does not require the use of any forest resources.

In Spring 2008 the company moved its corporate offices to the Regions Bank building in Coral Gables, Florida. The office, as well as the new Miracle Mile store, will be home to Cereal Bowl University, the company’s franchise training program.

The Cereal Bowl is also taking additional action in protecting its proprietary information and trade dress. “We are entrepreneurs ourselves and love when we see other people realize their business dreams,” says Josh Radar, CFO and vice president. “However, when we see others trying to lessen our brand or confuse consumers we have to pay close attention. We take it as a compliment that others understand the potency of our concept and are trying to recreate for their own business ventures, but these competitors must comply with laws that protect trademarks and intellectual property, as well as the laws that protect all parties involved in the franchise process

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