Charo Chicken, the southern California-based chain of quick-serve restaurants, has opened a new store in Redondo Beach, the first franchised unit in Los Angeles among two others in Orange County. Seven more franchised units are scheduled to open by year-end in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Joe Chan, owner of the Redondo Beach store, is no stranger to the restaurant industry, having run hotels in Hong Kong with restaurants famous for their European food and pastries. “People nowadays are more health conscious, and Charo Chicken is a very good choice for them,” says Chan. “We try to make our customers feel they are at home. We greet them and ask their name so we can make their dining experience more personal and warm. We want them to feel they are always welcome in our store.”

Mr. Chan plans to build 30 more Charo Chicken restaurants in Los Angeles and northern California with an option for another 14 because, he said, “I like the way the store is set up—it’s more upscale. It provides a good atmosphere in a comfortable, clean environment, and the salsa music adds to the ambiance. The prices are good, so it’s a great value for families.”

Michael Ryan, owner of the Orange County Charo Chicken, also has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, including working for Marie Callendar’s and building other restaurants in Europe and the Middle East. “I wanted to come back here,” Ryan explained, “and a friend in the business asked me if I’d heard of Charo Chicken. I was looking for a concept that was driven by good food, with the majority of business being takeout and delivery. That and the gorgeous dining room design helped me decide on a Charo Chicken franchise.”

According to Ryan, “People don’t always think of chicken when they wonder what they’re going to have for dinner that night. We want them to think of Charo Chicken as an alternative to pizza. Our chicken is never dry because charbroiling over an open flame seals in the juices.”

Charo Chicken is a quick-service restaurant that features fresh, never frozen, flame-broiled, California-grown chicken and Mexican food for dine-in, takeout, or delivery. Catering is also available. All items are made fresh several times a day.

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