When Cheba Hut launched its app on December 18, it did so with high expectations. However, not this high.

A week since its Flippy Bird content launched, downloads are up more than 50 percent, engagement on social media is up 15 percent and a new leader has risen to the top on a quest to be one of the first 10 to finish the game.

“Since launching the app, we have had more than a 50 percent increase in downloads,” says Scott Jennings, founder. “With everyone stuck at-home, the holiday season is lacking its usual sentiment, opening the door for us to bring some fun, friendly competition into the lives of its loyal customers.”

The Cheba Hut app was built from scratch and includes two main features – 10 cents back to the customers for every dollar they spend and offering a one-of-a-kind in-app mobile game that provides bonus loyalty points that the customer can exchange for grub and gear.

“It’s the only game where you can grab bags of parmesan and weed, fly a blunt through VW busses, and t-bag the enemies, all while listening to the Harlem Underground Band,” says Jennings, noting that through the end of January, those who play the loyalty app’s game, Flippy Bird, can win free Cheba for a year.

Cheba Hut has been escaping the established and getting “toasted” since its founding in 1998. The brand has broken the mold of mundane fast-casual concepts and set itself apart by becoming the first marijuana-themed sandwich “joint” (pun intended). Cheba Hut is dedicated to combining locally sourced ingredients with a chill, eclectic environment where genuine food is served by genuine people.

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