Cannabis enthusiasts have a lot to be happy about as the beloved plant continues to make headway into the mainstream and an increasing number of states across the country decriminalize its sales, use and possession.

Yet, even as cultural attitudes and legislation shift in favor of cannabis, thousands of Americans are still serving extended prison sentences for previous possession of the plant, even in states where marijuana is no longer criminalized. To lend a hand in correcting that injustice, Cheba Hut, the cannabis-themed sandwich concept with more than 45 shops spread across the U.S., is joining forces with Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. 

As part of the initiative, Cheba Hut has made its anniversary, January 20th, SmokeOut InJustice Day. Launching this year and continuing annually, participating Cheba Hut shops will donate $1 per sub sold on the 20th to Last Prisoner Project, with the brand’s headquarters matching all donations.

According to Brian Loeb, Cheba Hut’s vice president of marketing, that one-day effort alone could raise as much as $45,000 for the non-profit and is also likely to increase overall sales for individual owners.

“We are doing a major marketing push to get the word out, and all signs point to January 20 being one of our busiest days of the year,” says Loeb. “We should see a meaningful increase in sales per store while making a significant contribution to Last Prisoner Project and raising awareness of their cause.”

Last Prisoner Project leverages legal intervention, public education and legislative advocacy in support of a single mission: to set free every last one of the more than 40,000 prisoners locked up for nothing more than possession of cannabis. 

According to Marc Torres, Cheba Hut CEO, the brand’s partnership with Last Prisoner Project is the perfect exemplification of Cheba Hut’s core values.

“One of our core values is Pay it Forward, so we’re always looking for ways to lend a hand,” says Torres. “As a brand that has found a lot of success in part because of our association with cannabis, we are not satisfied to reap the benefits while non-violent offenders sit in jail for something that is no longer considered a crime. Last Prisoner Project is doing fantastic work in that regard, and we are adamant about providing our support.”

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