Bobby Stoll was first brought to Murphy Harpst Children’s Center, a residential treatment center for abused and neglected children, by his brother Richard Stoll, a Murphy Harpst Board Member. The first image Bobby saw was a sad-looking young boy playing alone with a ball. He knew then he wanted Cheeseburger Bobby’s, the restaurant he cofounded, to help the nonprofit facility that regularly experiences a shortcoming of funding.

Bobby then reached out to the Cheeseburger Bobby’s franchisees to come on board with an idea to bring awareness to this oft-forgotten facility located in the remote town of Cedartown, Georgia. The usually overlooked Murphy Harpst is a sanctuary for the abused and neglected children of Georgia who have no financial resources. The 125 employees who deliver “Life and Hope for Children” provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment to the 57 children. Each child receives around-the-clock therapeutic care that enables them to heal and recover so they can re-engage with society and lead productive lives.

Starting September 1 and throughout the entire month, Cheeseburger Bobby’s will conduct its third annual Month of Giving, a time when every location throughout Georgia raises funds for Murphy Harpst. Fifty cents from every custard purchased between September 1–30 will be donated to Murphy Harpst. Additionally, customers can drop coins and dollars in “Change for a Change” jars inside every restaurant. Last year Cheeseburger Bobby’s raised upward of $9,000. The goal for 2015 is for Cheeseburger Bobby’s to donate $20,000 to the residential treatment center by month’s end.

“As our franchise system grows, we have a vision of Cheeseburger Bobby’s increasing our involvement with the Murphy Harpst organization,” Bobby Stoll says. “Seeing an organization that does so much go unrecognized in the state of Georgia is heartbreaking, and something we want to change. Through our Month of Giving, we hope to not only raise much-needed funds for the children and staff at Murphy Harpst, but also raise awareness of the cause and organization. I feel confident that we can work together to reach our goal of raising $20,000 to go toward this deserving organization.”

While the state provides some of the much needed financial backing, the center relies heavily on donations from individuals and companies like Cheeseburger Bobby’s. Donated money goes to paying for the staff, Christmas and birthday gifts for the residents, and medication costs.

“Cheeseburger Bobby’s financial support of Murphy Harpst Children’s Centers has allowed our agency to serve nearly 300 children over the past year,” says Chuck Troutman, CEO of Murphy Harpst Children’s Centers. “The patrons of Cheeseburger Bobby’s have become our new friends, who value our work and care for the children we serve.”

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