Out Rotisserie
restaurant chain will rollout POS.Com
Technologies’ web-based restaurant management solution to
all 22 of its locations in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C.,
area. Chicken Out Rotisserie has successfully tested the
software service for the past eight months at five of its
restaurants. The restaurant chain plans to complete deployment
early this year.

"Chicken Out Rotisserie is excited to lead the industry
with the delivery of POS.Com’s solution to all of our restaurants,”
said Lee Hindin, president and chief Executive officer of
Chicken Out Rotisserie. "We have tested the new point-of-sale
software service by processing millions of transactions
with 100 percent accuracy. It’s a superb solution that will
enable us to connect our restaurants to customers and suppliers,
manage our operations and information in real-time, and
enhance our marketing and customer service. It is much more
than great software to run our business and increase profit
margins; it’s a communications network between our restaurants,
our customers, our employees and our suppliers,” he said.

"We are excited by Chicken Out Rotisserie’s decision
to deploy the industry’s first and only real-time connectivity
and business application solution,” said John Rovani, president
& chief operating officer of POS.Com Technologies. "Teaming
with Chicken Out Rotisserie has allowed us to successfully
adapt our solution to the restaurant environment and demonstrate
that a restaurant can use real-time software as a service
to manage and improve its operations.”

Rovani said the unique browser-based application solution
provides Chicken Out Rotisserie with a powerful, affordable,
secure and scalable platform for real-time point-of-sale
transactions, information gathering, reporting, data mining
and analysis, automated inventory management, and connectivity
to its consumers and suppliers that will give it a competitive

POS.Com’s technology also is attractive to restaurant owners
and managers because it reduces total-cost-of-ownership
by providing a subscription model that enables them to focus
on their core business instead of servicing software and
hardware in their stores. In addition, this connectivity
solution allows restaurants to move beyond traditional order-taking
operations. This means greater opportunity to generate increased
revenue and additional profit. The POS.Com solution enables
restaurants and other retailers to more accurately forecast
sales through better knowledge of their customers and offer
specials and coupons to attract them during off-peak hours.
The system also is scalable so it is easily adapted to single-unit
operators or large chains.

"Now that we have demonstrated that both the model and
software service work well, POS.Com is well-positioned to
change the way software is delivered to the 8.1 million
restaurants around the world,” Rovani said. The POS.Com
solution is easily adapted for use by other retail businesses.
It enables owners and managers to view and analyze their
business every second and closely manage sales, expenditures,
inventory, employee schedules and training, and overall
operational productivity.

POS.Com provides real-time, web-based restaurant management
software services without the expense and high-maintenance
time of onsite software and hardware. The company’s innovative
solution is fully secure, reliable and with fail-safe redundancy,
freeing restaurant owners and managers to focus on their
core business. POS.Com is the first and only company to
offer operationally proven, real-time point-of-sale software
services using a web- based connectivity platform for quick
and flawless deployment to restaurants and other retail
outlets in the U.S. and around the world.

Chicken Out Rotisserie is a privately-owned and -operated
regional chain of 22 fresh fast casual restaurants. It operates
restaurants in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia and
is expanding to Charlotte, N.C., and Atlanta, Ga. Chicken
Out Rotisserie specializes in made-from-scratch meals, prepared
in each restaurant’s kitchen. Specialties include rotisserie
chicken and a complete line of more than 24 made-from-scratch
side dishes, gourmet salads, wraps, and rotisserie chicken


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