China Mist Pure received the Platinum Award from the World Beverage Competition for its Organic Wild Blueberry Green Tea. The gourmet iced tea and hot tea provider was also awarded the Bronze Award for its Organic Lotus Pear Green Tea. 

The World Beverage Competition is a member of the World Trade organization and receives more than 10,000 entries from more than 30 countries every year. It is recognized as the most prestigious beverage competition in the world.

The six certified organic, kosher, and halal varieties of China Mist Pure are available in four unsweetened and two lightly sweetened blends. The line includes Wild Blueberry Green Tea, Orange Blossom Ginger White Tea, Lotus Pear Green Tea, and Dragon Fruit Black Tea, which are all unsweetened with zero calories.

The two lightly sweetened teas with juice and only 40 calories are Tangerine Black Tea with Pomegranate Juice and Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea with Lemonade.

In 2009, China Mist Pure Bottled Organic Teas were awarded with the Silver Award at the competition.  This is the second honor for the Lotus Pear Green Tea blend, as it received a Silver Award in 2010.

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