Chipotle now accepts digital currency nationwide, exclusively through Flexa, and Flexa is celebrating by offering 10 percent off guest’s next purchase.

Now consumers can spend bitcoin and other digital currencies from any Flexa-enabled app for burritos, bowls, and more at any Chipotle restaurant in the United States—making Chipotle the latest merchant to accept digital currency payments with Flexa.

Flexa-powered payments at Chipotle are:

  • Simple: Just open a Flexa-enabled app and tap “Chipotle” to spend your digital currency at any restaurant instantly with a single scan.
  • Fast: No need to worry about your meal getting cold; just show your phone and scan—Flexa processes your payment in under a second.
  • Available nationwide: Today, Flexa is available in each of the 2,975+ Chipotle restaurants in the United States.
  • Carbon-negative: Flexa balances the carbon emissions of all of its blockchain and operating activities with high-quality, verified carbon offsets to maintain a completely carbon-negative network. 


To get started with Flexa payments—and to save 10% off your next meal at Chipotle—download the Gemini or SPEDN app, head to your nearest Chipotle restaurant, and scan to pay.

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