Chopt Creative Salad Co. announced the relocation of its Rosslyn restaurant to a new sustainability-focused and contact-free storefront at 1735 N Lynn St Ste 20 in the International Place shopping center, just one-door down from its original spot, on Monday, November 28.

As a testament to Chopt’s dedication to improving customer experience, the Rosslyn restaurant features new QR code tableside ordering and delivery, and three self-serve kiosks to offer guests a completely contactless ordering process. The latest ordering technology makes in-store pickup and delivery easy, quick and convenient for guests to “chop” the line. Reflecting the newest store model, as seen in Ballston, V.A., the restaurant significantly reduces Chopt’s environmental impact with a smaller spatial footprint that cuts square footage down by over 55%, streamlined operations, energy-efficient kitchenware and HVAC system to lower energy consumption by 30%, and GHG emissions by 21%. To fall into stride with all Chopt locations in sustainability and sourcing efforts, all menu offerings are served up in 100% compostable bowls made from sugar cane, which are capable of naturally breaking down without creating any new waste.

“While creating delicious salads is at the heart of everything we do, we are passionate about innovating our buildings and technologies to create spaces where our customers know they can make food choices that align with their values,” says Chopt CEO, Nick Marsh. “At Chopt, sustainability is a standard, and we don’t take shortcuts. We work with industry experts to help us review energy use and GHG emissions by location to give us a better understanding of how to improve practices and minimize our impact.”

Chopt is also committed to building spaces where guests are introduced to new ingredients, recipes are developed with care and unexpected flavors are introduced with every bite. Chopt carefully selects partners that share similar values on mindful sourcing and authentic flavors for their rotating menus, providing guests an opportunity to taste ingredients from around the world. In addition to Chopt’s classic and customizable customer craft salads, wraps and bowls, the new Rosslyn restaurant will open with Chopt’s latest collaboration menu with Zia Hatch Chile Company, which features peak season, naturally preserved Hatch chiles from the “Chile Capital of the World,” in Hatch Valley, New Mexico.

Starting November 28, the Rosslyn Chopt is open for regular hours Monday – Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m..

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