We meat again! Chronic Tacos is officially expanding their menu and adding an all new Grass-Fed premium Carne Asada. 

Grass-fed meat has become an increasingly popular trend amongst taco connoisseurs, so Chronic Tacos has decided to step up their steak game! Now at any Chronic Tacos location, guests can choose this premium carne asada as a base to tacos, burritos, and even Chronic Nachos. The steak is kept in a secret marinade for 24 hours before being seared and seasoned onthe open grill, allowing for the boldest flavor profile.

“We constantly have our customers in mind and adding this grass-fed steak to our menu falls directly in line with the high standards our customers hold Chronic Tacos to,” says Michael Mohammed, Chronic Tacos chief executive officer and president. “This addition is truly of premium quality and highlights what the Taco Life is all about.” 

The grass-fed carne asada, alongside the rest of the menu, is made with high-quality ingredients and prepared exactly at the customers desire.

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