Chronic Tacos is now offering a limited time deal of their Street Corn. Starting mid-June through mid-September, customers will be able to enjoy a delicious half cob for $2.99 USD ($2.95 CAD) or a full cob for $4.99 USD ($5.50 CAD) at participating locations.

“Our customers love our authentic elote street corn recipe and have been asking for it to come back on the menu,” says Michael Mohammed, Chronic Tacos CEO. “As Mexican street corn is a staple of summer, we knew we had to bring it back and offer it at value for our customers.”

Prepared in the style of Chronic Tacos’ fourth generation recipes, the Mexican street corn is char-grilled to perfection drizzled with a tangy, creamy sauce, and sprinkled with crumbled cheese for a perfect combination of Taco Life tastes and flavors.

This limited time offer is available to order through the Chronic Tacos app, online ordering through and third-party delivery companies at limited locations (check your local Chronic Tacos for details). 

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