In the ever-expanding emoji keyboard, no one need ask: where’s the beef? There’s a hamburger, a steak, a hot dog. But chicken fare? An emoji menu of one. And Church’s Texas Chicken has, well, a bone to pick.

In celebration of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day on November 9th, the legendary chicken restaurant, long known for spicing things up, has launched the Chicken Emoji Project, advocating for the expansion of chicken emoji representation through the creation of an official chicken sandwich emoji.

To help support this most craveable cause, Church’s Texas Chicken is calling on chicken sandwich enthusiasts nationwide to send a resounding message that the introduction of a chicken sandwich emoji is long overdue. At participating Church’s Texas Chicken locations, boneless chicken lovers can scan a QR code that will direct them to a special Church’s web page where they can show their support for the project. Fans can also show their love for the chicken sandwich emoji on Church’s social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

“While the drumstick is an iconic symbol, chicken is so much more than a single offering,” says Natalia Franco, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Church’s Texas Chicken. “With the fried chicken sandwich having found a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of people all over the world and even risen to the celebratory heights of a national holiday, it is clearly deserving of rightful representation as an emoji. Today, we ask boneless chicken champions to unite behind this spirited grassroots effort.”

Next spring, Church’s Texas Chicken plans to submit a formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium, the governing body responsible for emoji approval, making a particularly passionate plea for expanded representation of its beloved protein with an official chicken sandwich emoji.

In addition to its hand-battered and double-breaded Chicken Sandwich – which is available starting at $3.99 – Church’s Texas Chicken offers other delectable boneless options, including incredible chicken tenders, which, like the sandwich, features juicy all-white meat chicken with Church’s proprietary seasoning and a hint of buttermilk.

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