Church’s Texas Chicken is launching a new “Holi-Deals” menu item to provide a deliciously bold meal at a favorable price as the busy holiday season approaches.

The Holi-Deals Family Meal is perfect for those larger gatherings in need of a flavorful meal and includes a 10-piece leg and thigh assortment, two large classic sides, five Honey-Butter Biscuits and five Jalapeño peppers starting at $20. Gatherings needing even more holiday abundance can add two chicken sandwiches or eight-piece tenders to the meal. 

Church’s Texas Chicken is ready for the holidays, and we want to alleviate some of the stress that comes during this busy season by preparing a hot and delicious, ready-to-eat meal packed full of our iconic bold flavors for our guests,” says Doug Reifschneider, Executive Lead, Marketing. “The Holi-Deal Family Meal is a great option for anyone to enjoy as they get together with friends and family to celebrate the holidays.”

Accompanying the Holi-Deals Meal for a smaller – but still just as filling – meal option is the Texas Two-Piece Feast, which includes a two-piece leg and thigh assortment, one Honey-Butter Biscuit and one Jalapeño pepper starting at just $2.99. 

Both the Holi-Deals Family Meal and the Texas Two-Piece Feast are now available in participating restaurants starting at $20 and $2.99, respectively, while supplies last.


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