To kick off National Pizza Month, Cicis Pizza’s creative mastermind, C.C. Pazzini’, is announcing his latest iconic masterpiece: the Tots N’ Bacon Pizza. The cheesy, crispy blend of legendary flavors will be available at Cicis buffets nationwide and on from October 16 to November 26. In addition, the brand encourages fans to try Dr Pepper as the perfect beverage pairing alongside the limited-time offer. 

The Tots N’ Bacon pizza features an alluring combination of crispy tots and savory bacon. All perfectly baked to cheesy, golden perfection.

With a nostalgic twist on classic ingredients, the limited-time pizza offers a comforting and satisfying taste experience that’s exclusive to Cicis loyal fans.

Guests can also order the Tots N’ Bacon Pizza to-go with a range of pricing options making this pizza accessible to everyone: 

Medium Tots N’ Bacon Pizza: $9.99

Large Tots N’ Bacon Pizza: $11.99

Giant Tots N’ Bacon Pizza: $13.99

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to excite our guests and create memorable dining experiences,” says Jeff Hetsel, president of Cicis. “The Tots N’ Bacon pizza is a testament to our commitment to creativity, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and nostalgia to our fall menu. We can’t wait for pizza lovers to try this unique limited-time offer.”

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