City Barbeque is starting the new year with a new take on a taqo and the return of two barbeque classics. Guests can now order the brand’s delicious new Smoked Turkey Taqos and beloved Brisket Chili and Big Bone at City Barbeque joints across seven states.

City Barbeque’s Smoked Turkey Taqos feature three flour tortillas, grilled to order; smoked-on-site turkey, pulled by hand and cooked down in Smoked Green Chili sauce; creamy cilantro-lime slaw; and crispy fried jalapeños. Served with extra Smoked Green Chili sauce and a lime on the side, Smoked Turkey Taqos are available for a limited time.

Also available for a limited time are two returning fan favorites. City Barbeque’s Brisket Chili is made from scratch, with slow-smoked beef brisket, black beans, green chiles, chipotle peppers, and hand-diced jalapeños. Topped with sharp cheddar, sour cream, and fresh jalapeño, Brisket Chili is available as a side or a bowl, as well as by the pint, quart, and pan.

Guests can also look forward to the return of the Big Bone: this massive beef rib will be available Saturdays only through the end of March. Beautifully marbled and packed with flavor, the Big Bone is hand-rubbed with City Barbeque’s signature rub, smoked low and slow, and served by the bone; each bone can weigh anywhere from 1–1.5 pounds.

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