Clean Juice Franchise Partners Angela Moran-Manzitto and Sarah Peter announced today the expansion of their Nebraska-based Clean Juice franchise operations, adding two new store openings in Lakeside, NE and Overland Park, KS, and the relocation of its Old Market location to One Pacific, an open-air shopping and lifestyle center in Omaha. The locally owned USDA-certified organic juice and food bar franchise was met with open arms during its Lincoln and Omaha openings. The popular, fast-growing brand has created a following of loyal guests who seek healthy and organic fast casual, on-the-go food options. 

“It’s wild to think of the impact we’ve made on our community since we opened our first location in 2019,” says Sarah Peter, co-owner of Clean Juice Nebraska. “Not only are we educating our guests on the nutritional benefits of making healthier food choices but providing our communities with a place to get USDA-certified organic healthy food options for their entire families in a fast-casual setting.”

When Angela and Sarah opened their first Clean Juice in Lincoln, they ascended to the top of cleanse sales among open stores and quickly became a fan favorite among locals for the brand’s innovative and seasonal, all-organic food offerings. Four years, two stores, and development plans for three more secured, they are grateful to their loyal customers and staff for sticking with Clean Juice during the pandemic and subsequent tough economic times. 

“Angela & I are excited to share our passion for health and wellness while expanding our footprint in the Cornhusker State and reaching into Kansas. As busy parents, we are always looking for on-the-go nutritious options for our families,” says Sarah. In a previous life, Sarah was an Emmy-award director of reality TV shows and worked on several well-known series, including MTV The Osbournes starring Ozzy Osbourne and The Newlyweds starring Jessica Simpson. 

As a former physician’s assistant in family practice, Angela’s medical knowledge has dramatically benefited their company. She has seen the adverse effects of what happens to the body when nutrition is not top of mind. “Juicing and making healthier food choices are crucially important for a healthier mind and lifestyle,” says Angela. “Food is medicine, and it should come from organically grown plants, not a processing plant. We must pay attention to what we put in our bodies and know the ingredients. Companies take shortcuts to make money, meaning processed food with saturated fats, pesticides, bad sugar & preservatives. That is the Clean Juice difference!”

Sarah and Angela have established a strong following of loyal guests seeking healthy, clean, organic on-the-go food options, whether for a quick lunch or a family dinner. And the duo has earned a robust support system from the athletic community, including Sarah’s husband, Jason Peter, the three-time national champion of the Huskers and former NFL Panther. Clean Juice has become a franchise favorite for current and former professional athletes, including MMA Fighter and former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw; former New York Giants wide receiver known for his famous Super Bowl helmet catch, David Tyree; and most recently, Tim Tebow, who opened his first Clean Juice store as a Franchise Partner in Jacksonville, FL earlier this year and is also the brand’s first national ambassador.

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