Nexstep Commercial Products announced its new All-In-One Microfiber Waxing System and MaxiDust Cotton Loop-End Launderable Dust Mops.

The All-In-One Microfiber Waxing System provides an ecofriendly experience, featuring: an all-in-one or bucketless system, making applying any viscosity of floor finish quick and reducing labor cost by as much as 50 percent and finish usage by as much as 25 percent; an angled frame, reaching into hard-to-reach corners and preventing floor finish from “splashing” on baseboards; a fully equipped frame, with Velcro stripes that hold microfiber pad securely in place during use; push-button flow control; a 50-ounce gravity feed tank, covering up to 1,250 square feet and easily refillable; and a large diameter tube, which easily dispenses floor finishes.

MaxiPlus All-In-One Microfiber Waxing System comes with frame, handle, 50-ounce gravity feed tank, and 24-inch microfiber floor finish pad.

The MaxiDust Cotton Loop-End Launderable Dust Mops feature: 100 percent Cotton Yarn; two-ply loop-end construction, which prevents fraying and raveling; key-slot style with snaps, securing dust mop to frame fast and easy; high launderability, extending product life; quick-dry synthetic backing, allowing the dust mop to dry fast and be ready for service sooner; and “Fits 5” frames, eliminates the need to buy special frames.

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