Cold Stone Creamery announced a three-year extension to its successful licensing partnership with Jelly Belly Candy Company. The partnership will continue to make the premium Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Belly jelly beans available at a growing number of retail locations nationwide, as well as launch the products internationally.

Cold Stone and Jelly Belly first launched the licensing agreement in 2008, and the landmark partnership quickly set the standard for licensing at Cold Stone. The premium line of Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Belly jelly beans, inspired by Cold Stone’s signature ice cream Creations, captured customers’ cravings and solidified a spot as Jelly Belly’s No. 4 best-selling jelly bean mix for 2010.

“Cold Stone Creamery is known for its innovative products and unmatched in-store experience. Our customers have high expectations for a premium experience with Cold Stone, so our licensing plan and our licensed products must deliver on that same promise,” says Chris Henry, executive vice president of licensing for Kahala. “Jelly Belly is a great partner who embodies our same philosophy of quality and excellence. Together we’ve been tremendously successful in providing customers the Cold Stone Creations they crave in a brand of jelly beans they love.”

The licensing partnership between Cold Stone and Jelly Belly is built on the brands’ shared standard for providing premium products at a fair price. The partnership also builds on the fun and creativity of the companies’ research and development teams, fostering collaboration between two of the leading innovation teams in the industry.

“At Jelly Belly, we saw tremendous opportunity in introducing an ice cream line, and a partnership with Cold Stone Creamery was the perfect way to bring it to life,” says Rob Swaigen, vice president of marketing for Jelly Belly. “The experience and fun of Cold Stone translates well into our brand, as well as the compatibility of our premium products. With first-year sales far exceeding projections, the success of this partnership is warranted by the numbers and we are excited to extend our partnership for continued success moving forward.”

In addition to extending the length of their partnership, Cold Stone and Jelly Belly plan to push into additional retail markets and outlets nationwide, and ultimately gain an international presence.

The Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Belly flavors feature some of Cold Stone’s most popular and innovative creations, including Apple Pie a la Cold Stone, Chocolate Devotion, Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Our Strawberry Blonde, and Birthday Cake Remix. The Cold Stone–inspired jelly beans are available in bulk as well as a variety of promotional items, including gift sets, gift bags, and ice cream cone shaped packaging.

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