CM Systems LLC, developer of the ComplianceMate cloud-based food safety monitoring system, announced that Five Guys Burgers and Fries has renewed its contract with CM Systems for the next three years.

Five Guys, famous for its handcrafted, never-frozen hamburgers and fresh foods, began its partnership with CM Systems LLC in 2011, using ComplianceMate in select locations. Over the last few years, the burger chain began using the system in all North American locations. From now through 2021, ComplianceMate will become a staple in Five Guys locations in 20 countries around the world.

Five Guys’ commitment to using only fresh meat in its burgers means refrigerators at the chain’s stores must be carefully monitored at all times. Traditional food safety monitoring methods using paper checklists are subject to human error and can be destroyed, lost, or misplaced. ComplianceMate’s digital system takes the guesswork out of food safety monitoring and can significantly reduce human error. In addition, Five Guys’ can rely on ComplianceMate to assist with regulated food quality, brand consistency, and a reduction in food waste.

“Food safety is of paramount importance for both consumer health and business longevity,” says Thom Schmitt, Vice President of Sales at CM Systems. “In order to maintain this level of safety, restaurants need to be able to depend on reliable data, which is why we created ComplianceMate with the most dependable technology out there.”

Using LoRaWAN IoT-based wireless sensors, the ComplianceMate system continuously monitors temperatures and automatically generates alerts when temperatures rise above or fall below acceptable thresholds. LoRaWAN is the most powerful cooler monitoring solution to date, capable of transmitting a powerful signal through nearly any material including stainless steel, insulated cold-holding units and concrete structures.

The sensors operate within ComplianceMate’s proprietary software, which provides alerts, reports, and analyses (available 24/7 on any device) to staff members at all levels of management—from store managers to owners to corporate offices.

“We’ve been using ComplianceMate systems since 2011 and have steadily expanded our partnership with the company ever since,” said Jim Gibson, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Five Guys. “ComplianceMate has proven itself to be the best solution for all of our corporate and franchisee operations.”

ComplianceMate’s built-in problem detection, remote data management and reporting, and fraud detection features help reduce human error and facilitate compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines for food safety.

“This contract renewal signifies the strong relationship we’ve built with Five Guys over the years,” says Schmitt. “Our shared goals of improving food safety and increasing efficiency in food service operations make ours the ideal partnership, and we look forward to helping Five Guys for years to come.” 

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