Component Hardware announces its new LED-40000 series of LED light bulbs designed specifically for use in the high heat environment of commercial kitchen ventilation hoods.  Marketed under the Flame Gard brand, the new LED-40000 has an Edison-style base, making it a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescents. Unlike standard LED bulbs, the new bulb meets the stringent UL high temperature certification at 75°C (167°F) and exceeds those standards with a rating of 80°C (176°F). 

The LED-40000 consumes only 12 watts of electricity yet produces 960 lumens of light. It has a working life of 50,000 hours, 50 times that of a standard incandescent bulb. Available in two color temperatures, the new bulb is mercury-free and encased in an unbreakable polycarbonate enclosure.  It is warranted for 5 years.
The LED-40000 offers a cost effective, easy to install solution to operators with incandescent light fixtures in their canopy hoods. Payback for most operators is less than one year.
News, Component Hardware Group