Conduit, a leader in breakthrough engagement solutions for web and mobile publishers, announced its turnkey mobile marketing reseller program. Conduit Mobile's white label reseller program enables software companies, web firms, marketing agencies, publishers, digital entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in becoming a reseller to easily provide powerful mobile solutions for their clients – allowing them to grow their business and reach consumers anytime, anywhere.


The mobile industry has exploded in recent years and is growing faster than any other industry,” says Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, Conduit Mobile’s marketing director. “Smartphones have transformed the way consumers behave in today's always-on and always on-the-go environment. Our resellers program provides partners with tools that give businesses and brands more opportunities to connect with consumers and generate new revenue streams via mobile solutions that look great, are easy to develop, and even easier to use.”


Conduit Mobile’s easy, do-it-yourself platform enables resellers to create multiple, custom-branded apps and mobile sites compatible with all major mobile devices – including iPhone, Android, and tablets – and sell them to their clients at their own rates. The unique flexibility of Conduit Mobile's resellers program allows partners to create and test as many apps as they want for free. The program also offers “pay-as-you go” and bulk-rate plans, enabling resellers to purchase discounted app packages. Conduit Mobile's platform incorporates mobile publishing, e-commerce, and marketing campaign tools easily within one’s current workflow and services mix, making it one-size-fits all for business.


Additionally, the reseller platform enables the seamless integration of advanced in-app mobile features, including:


·Social networking channels

·Mobile commerce and mobile coupon support

·Customizable forms for submitting customer service requests, product/service questions, reservations, personal information, incident reports, mailing lists, and more

·Mobile loyalty, promotion, and marketing products

·User reviews

·Push notifications


The Conduit Mobile reseller program offers a wide variety of tools to manage large accounts, and can transform existing publishers into resellers with an easy-to-use dashboard for supporting reseller management. Resellers also have multiple advanced options, including premium support services, the ability to manage the life cycle of an app, implement a reseller payment flow, and utilize a white label app creation platform, which allows for creating generic mobile apps with unbranded file names and splash screens. There is also support for setting up resellers via third-party integrations, and other specifically tailored features.