The New England Consulting Group (NECG) announced the reorganization of its Restaurant and Hospitality practice. The practice will be led by CEO Gary Stibel, and will be supported by a core team consisting of managing partners Dave Stone, John Richards, Tom Hayes, and Gaurav Kapoor, located in the firm’s Westport, Connecticut, headquarters, along with other experienced restaurant and hospitality executives around the world.

“This reorganization will maximize the New England Consulting Group’s ability to provide timely marketing management counsel across a broad range of restaurant and hospitality pain points, from increasing profit to enhancing the customer experience,” Stibel says. “All our efforts are focused on acquiring new customers, increasing check sizes, and accelerating repeat.”

NECG has been extremely successful on engagements with restaurants, including, fast food. “Our track record is proven,” Stibel says. “We have worked with the fastest moving marketers in the industry, all of whom have grown considerably as a result of our work together.”

Past clients include McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and others. The firm has worked for restaurateurs to provide strategy and execution in branding, pricing, positioning, advertising, consumer acquisition, segmentation, and new product/menu development.