According to a new national survey from, consumers are very concerned about the upcoming holiday shopping season and don’t think 2009 will be any better. While the survey found people were generally worried about their personal finances during this time of economic turmoil, more than half of respondents think their situation will improve in 2009. Here are some highlights from the survey:

The outlook for the current and next year’s holiday shopping season is not bright:

* 57 percent do not think the 2009 holiday shopping season will be any better for consumers

However, the survey also found that consumers are surprisingly optimistic looking ahead to 2009:

* 53 percent do think their personal finance situation will be better in 2009

The survey also found these top consumer concerns related to the current economic turmoil:

* Investments 38%

* Job Security 24%

* Staying in Their Home 19%

* Credit Standing 11%

“As we head into the holiday season, consumers are facing the most challenging economy since the Great Depression and many are understandably terrified about their current financial situation,” says Adam Levin, chairman and co-founder of

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